NYTRONIX: Visionary Leaders in a Visionary Time

Nytronix Dance Productions:
Where We Have Been:
Nine years ago this month,a twenty three year old artist named Onnoleigh Sweetman  walked into Bruka Theater in Reno, Nevada with an unprecedented idea.  The vision of bringing all of her true to life rave memoirs and a screenplay she had written years earlier to the stage.  To develop a dance company that would be the first of it’s kind to integrate traditional dance with rave style elements.  To take ballerina’s and mesh them with poi spinners, break dancers, pole dancers, fire artists and vice verse.  To incorporate live house DJ’s and an opera singer.  Bruka Theater, known for their avant-garde and highly experimental shows said yes.  This is where the life’s path would lead Onnoleigh Sweetman and Amber A. Bosch for nearly a decade.  And so it began.
The Inception:
In January 2002 Millennium Performing Arts was born.  Directed by Onnoleigh Sweetman, and co-directed by the Choreographer Amber A. Bosch the company made a vibrant splash in Reno.
Millennium performed at various venues and in unlikely places for a solid 4 years. Known for their high energy dance performances, interactive performance raves and break the rules attitude, the company expanded the boundaries of typical art, exposing thousands to a revolution of dance. One such example was the smash hit Club Lust. Written and directed by Sweetman, and choreographed by Amber A. Bosch, the interactive dance experience was unlike anything Reno had seen before 2002. The show followed the lives of three girls at a rave and how they became enlightened by their dance experiences. Filled with over 30 dancers and artists ranging from modern, Pointe, hip-hop, break dance, glow sticks, poi, fire arts, pole dancing, live DJ’s, an opera singer, video projections, and laser lights, the show had a successful run of 2 summers at the Bruka Theater. 
Onnoleigh Sweetman and Amber A. Bosch:  Visionary Leaders
In addition, Sweetman and Bosch can be accredited for leading the poi community in the state of Nevada to what it is today.  They were the first to take these art forms and put their company and other company’s on stage.  Bosch can also be accredited with the first person in the state of Nevada to choreograph fire arts and poi.  Both artists can also be accredited as the first to incorporate Pointe dancing with fire as well.
Inspiration and Community:
Inspired by all forms of traditional and non- traditional styles of dance (street/club/rave),  Sweetman and Bosch have worked extensively the past nine  years to train all interested participants of all ages in the art of poi, glow sticks, modern dance. and theatrical production. Producing numerous shows, performing at charity events, and volunteering their time to teach these forms of dance, from Nevada to New York where both are from.   Sweetman and Bosch feel that support of community is the most important regime for a successful and healthy city. Creating pride of ones own community has always been a fervent goal for both artists and they feel that a community without art, is a community without culture and identity.  Former dancers have gone on to create their own companies, travel the world, be seen in Greg Thomson productions, appear on television and most recently be seen performing with Beats Antique (Kami Liddle). 
After a brief separation in 2004 where both artists took time to explore other artistic visions, the duo were reunited by a  tragic incident in 2005 where former Millennium family member and former boyfriend to Bosch, Sam Rich, died suddenly at the Burning Man arts festival.  Both artists credit his death for their reunion and deep friendship of what it is today.  In effect the two reunited this year to produce “The Lust Party @ Dusk”.  Held at the 2010 Burning Man festival at The Black Rock Syndicate, former Millennium members and the Las Vegas Nytronix members, came together with DJ Johnno Lazetich (aka The Rhino) to honor Sam with a performance of which he originally performed and managed so many years ago in Reno.  All artists spent the entire summer rehearsing in streets, back yards, and dance studios preparing for the performance and were honored to have the Burning Man founder Larry Harvey at the event.
Where We Are Now:
After four months of revamping the company, finding inspiration from various DJ’s and music, Sweetman is proud to announce the New Nytronix and sister Company and studio Fusion MPAC and THE STUDIO (led by Amber A. Bosch).
With nine years of success, failures, trying new ideas, Sweetman has proudly honed her skills as a visionary director and is ready to expose the city of Las Vegas to the ultimate experience in underground art, dance, and fire arts.  Nytronix is also proud to support their sister company FUSION MPAC in there quest to create a professional contemporary dance company that will brighten the community of Las Vegas and a studio where novice and professional performers can come together to train in various styles of dance and technique.
In addition, Nytronix has a new home base in the arts district in downtown Las Vegas.  The company is proud to announce it’s home at the Sin city Arts Gallery led by Dr.  Laura Henkel.  The company can also be seen at The Bar+Bistro located at the Arts Factory every Tuesday from 7pm-9pm.  This is open to the public and the company would like to continue it’s lead with the inclusion of community members where they can participate and get a first hand look at the creative process of choreography with a cutting-edge dance company.
Nytronix is:
Onnoleigh Sweetman:
Artistic Director, Choreographer, performing company member
Amber A. Bosch,:
Choreographer, performing company member/Founder FUSION MPAC and THE STUDIO
Krysti Gabriel:
Guest Modern Dance Instruction and Choreography
Mike Pierce:
Stage Manager, performing company member
Kate Dolinger:
Poi Instruction, performing company member
Sheldon Gates:
performing company member
Michelle C.:
performing company member
Vikki Curry:
performing company member
Susan Hatchett:
Belly Dance, performing company member
Jessica Rudisill:
Pointe, performing company member
Georgia Curringa:
Salsa, performing company member
Faegann Harlow:
Aerials, performing company member
April Hunneycutt:
Character, Balancing, performing company member
-others TBA
Nytronix Resident DJ’s:
DJ Damien Jay
Vegas Deejay
DJ Shifta
Kyle Schneiberg
Nytronix at Large:
Rachel Jesse- performer Las Vegas, Nevada
Dre Quinones- performer LA, CA
Hope Quinones- performer LA, CA
SATSI SONIK- Visuals and DJ San Francisco, CA
Vidyudevi Divine Lightning- Lightning Performer San Diego, CA
Where We Are Going:
As always, Nytronix will continue to work to bring unique artistic styles to the forefront of the Las Vegas Dance scenes and beyond.  It is our vision to cultivate artistic communities, to create one of kind dance performances, to captivate audiences with visually stimulating art and dance and showcase these art forms where ever possible.  To Lead and Inspire all that come across Nytronix to Live their dreams and express their passions through all types of art and media.  To continue to break boundaries, raise questions, and provoke emotions in the hearts and souls of many.
Nytronix Dance Productions:  “We Break The Rules, Because, For Us, There Are No Rules”
Nytronix Entertainment and Dance Company is available for bookings.  For rates and further information you can contact the artistic director @ 702-750-4760 or visit our website at www.nytronix.com